I don’t remember much about 20th ward. Jus tthat they’re all peace-addicted wimps.

❝ Marry someone who accepts you and your gay porn.❞

Unanimous reaction to Tsukiyama

white people bios be like:


Mackenzie. 15. Montana. Indie music. Welcome to a special part of my mind. I’m white but I identify as Spanish/Walgreens gift card. Sherlock. I follow back 🌸flower child🌸

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thank you so much, i love your url! (*´◡`)



I made a thing….



One time in sixth grade I was being bullied really badly, and this whole circle of people gathered around me and the girl that was bullying me, and she smirked and went ‘You dumb rich bitch.’ And everyone was like OOOOOOH and I stood there for a second before pulling 20 dollars out of my wallet, placed it in her hand, and said “Buy some better insults.” And I swear the entire lunchroom rioted.